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Use the maps and information on this site to explore bicycle tours in Europe and bicycle tours in Asia, find the tour route that is right for you.

We restarted our rides last year (2021) after a Covid pause with a long distance ride around Switzerland. The routes are: The Rhone, Rhine and Mittelland routes. Take a look at SwitzerlandMobility for a detailed description of the routes.

We just completed a ride in Sweden and Denmark where we visited relatives.  

Here's something I came accross recently that is related to long distance cycle touring. I sure you will have fun with this list:


Top Bike Touring Blogs and Websites A list of sites and blogs with some great cycle touring information.

Also: a mapping system we were recently introduced to:


Cycle.Travel is a relatively new bicycle route finder. It's based in the UK but uses OpenStreetMap and covers most of the planet. Its strongest feature is the ability to plan a route to any location and download a GPS track or PDF guide for offline use.

WorldCycleWays is about bicycle routes, trails, and paths around the world that the authors have actually ridden or soon will be riding.

Each of the routes are:

  • Intended for long distance, self supported riders traveling for a week or more.
  • Can be traveled with hybrid bikes, a hybrid meaning a road type bicycle with moderately wide tires (32mm) and straight handle bars.
  • Not particularly strenuous, mostly paved, and have services and accommodations along the way.

Our Bikes
Our bikes and luggage. This is the amount of stuff we actually ride with for a multi-week trip.

Half the reason for doing these bicycle tours is for cultural experiences such as museums, markets, restaurants, historical sites, festivals and small towns. You will find plenty of experiences on each of these rides. The other reason for following these cycleways is because they are fun and not too difficult.

Our Bikes
There are many historical sites on each cycleway such as Matera in Italy.

All of the routes listed are multi-week routes but you can choose your distance and just ride parts of the distance. The route may be on paved roads, unpaved forest roads or agricultural roads, or dedicated cycle paths. Paths may be paved or not but in any case a mountain bike is not necessary for these rides. The routes are generally not designed for person using a road bike with narrow tires and drop handlebars.

The information here is for unsupported riders, no sag wagon. Each of the routes has services and accommodations along the way so you can always find a place to stay each night and a bite to eat.

The site contains maps, links to resources and information that riders will find helpful when planning their own rides. All of the routes can be completed by the average bicyclist. There are many possible variations on the routes. Use the links and map information on this site to plan your own ride. In the interest of full disclosure, we have not ridden every kilometer of every route listed here but we have ridden almost all of every route listed.

We always take our bikes with us from the U.S. There are many places throughout the world to rent bikes so you don't have to take your own. If you take your own bike, you will be certain of the fit and the type of bike you will be riding.

Countries on this site are France, Germany, Spain, Italy Czech Republic, Austria, Korea, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland, and Slovenia.


About Us

We are Ray and Maxine, live in Olympia, Washington, U.S.A., and love long distance travel by bike and do many of our errands and activities on bicycles. We started this site to pass on our experiences to others who may want to know more about traveling by bicycle.